Important Note

Active development of OpenStudio has moved from the Legacy OpenStudio Plug-in to the more comprehensive OpenStudio suite of tools and libraries at This new project includes C++, Ruby, and C# libraries as well as several user interfaces, including a new SketchUp Plug-in with enhanced capabilities, which are all licensed under the LGPL to encourage reuse by commercial and non-commercial third-party software. The mailing lists, bug and feature trackers on this page are intended for news and support of the Legacy OpenStudio Plug-in only. For information or support for the new OpenStudio project, please refer to NREL sponsored changes to the Legacy OpenStudio Plug-in will be limited to bug fixes and compatibility updates for new versions of EnergyPlus.

The Legacy OpenStudio Plug-in has been relaunched as Euclid by Big Ladder Software, the project's new homepage is:

About the Legacy OpenStudio Plug-in

The Legacy OpenStudio Plug-in makes it easy to create and edit the building geometry in your EnergyPlus input files. It also allows you to launch EnergyPlus simulations and view the results without leaving SketchUp.

The Legacy OpenStudio Plug-in was created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. Refer to the webpage on for an overview of the concept and features.

User support is available via the community moderated question and answer resource